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Altaf & Co is known for its quality products and reliable services  in Pakistan. We have been successfully trading since 1986.

Consultancy services

If your business is experiencing problems or you would like on-going professional advice and support, then please contact us.

Livestock Training Institute

Livestock training institute has been established since 2010 at 16/1, Out Fall Road, Near University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. We run different training programs related to livestock sector.

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Walk and Chalk for Heat Detection Daily

Heat Detection Technique: ”Walk and Chalk” Over time I have taught the concept and technique of tail chalking for heat detection for 30 years. This is called “Walk and Chalk”. This process should be the primary heat detection technique used daily. This can be the only heat detection technique used. When tail chalking technique is

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GP 2-Super

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Liquid Nitrogen & Semen Storage Cylinders

Dear Valued Customers, We are pleased to inform that we have recently imported fresh stocks of Liquid Nitrogen & Semen Storage Cylinders from our foreign Principals M/S Chart Biomedical (Chengdu) Co, Ltd USA.

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Ear tags, Writing Markers & Applicators

We are pleased to inform that we have recently imported fresh stocks of Ear Tags which are extremely helpful for the identification and record keeping of your herd, from M/S ZEETAGS New Zealand.

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Dear Valued Customers, Calf Milk Replacer imported from M/S KLAREMELK NETHERLANDS is another quality product introduced by M/S ALTAF & CO. C.M.R is widely used all around the world because it is not only cost effective but is an ideal replacement to fresh milk, being consistent and health tested in comparison to fresh milk. It

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