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Altaf & Co is Known for it’s quality products and reliable, superior services in Pakistan. We have been successfully trading since 1986. In an atmosphere of trust and co-operation, Altaf & Co brings together both suppliers and customers to promote efficient livestock production in Pakistan. Despite there being over 33 million dairy cows in the country, Pakistan lies far behind in production standards. To help our customers in achieving increased production levels, our company provides a wide and diverse range of quality products, sourced from top brands worldwide.

Altaf & Co quickly realised that improved genetic value is essential to ensuring dairy cow profitability regardless of all other operations. Altaf & Co introduced USA bovine semen and elite genetics to Pakistan some two decades ago (1995). Today we can see the results present in the field with much improved production levels, increased body strength, health and type from previous generations. These results have provided farmers with increased profitability and the motivation to continue with quality genetics.

As the Pakistani dairy industry develops further we are seeing an increasing requirement for modern products and technologies. It is Altaf & Co’s aim to meet these requirements offering both services and additional product ranges. We now provide much needed farmer training, advice and consultancy services. Currently we are representing over twenty foreign principles in Pakistan on an exclusive basis. Our mission statement is to constantly strive for the betterment and excellence of the Pakistani livestock industry. Help us to make this a collective effort by supporting your local company. Altaf Mahmood – CEO



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