Partners  & Products Nature

Ploeg Int (Holland): Cow Exporter from Holland.
Chart – USA: Various sizes of Liquid Nitrogen & Semen storage cylinders
Continental Plastics – USA: A.I sheaths, A.I Sheath Protectors, A.I Gloves.
BCF Technology – UK: Ultrasound Technology (scanning machines & equipment).
Klaremelk – Netherlands: Calf Milk Replacer (CMR).
Belgium Blue Group (BBG) – Belgium: Bovine Genetics (Belgium Blue beef semen).
LACO – USA: All weather paint sticks for fertility & veterinary livestock marking.
Easyfix – Ireland: Cow cubicle mats & mattresses plus parlour, collecting yard and walkway rubber solutions.
Hydor: Air cooling & Ventilation (Fans).
LALLEMAND Animal Nutrition Products.
Bioparametrics – UK: Forage, straights, compounds, minerals analysis including myco-toxin testing.
Q-Dry – Germany: Forage & TMR dry matter (DM) analysis machine.
Secure Covers – UK: Bunker and windbreak sheeting systems.
Shelbourne Reynolds – UK: TMR mixers and sand cubicle bedding machines.
Shoof – New Zealand: Dairy sundry items i.e. dehorning irons, calf feeders, foot trimming knives, calving jacks etc.
Span Biotech – China: Various on-farm bovine disease test kits i.e. Brucella, FMD, TB and AB etc.
Westpoint Veterinary Group – UK: Veterinary consultancy, veterinary equipment i.e. DA toggle sets etc, surgical equipment, PK registered bovine drugs & medicines.
Pan Livestock Services – UK:  Dairy farm management software.
 Kurtsan – Turkey:  Milking Equipment.
DCC Waterbeds – USA: Cow cubicle waterbeds.
Inter-chemical – China: Pregnancy and ovulation rapid test kits.

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