Calf Milk Replacer imported from M/S KLAREMELK NETHERLANDS is another quality product introduced by M/S ALTAF & CO. C.M.R is widely used all around the world because it is not only cost effective but is an ideal replacement to fresh milk, being consistent and health tested in comparison to fresh milk. It plays a key role in the growth and nourishment of calves, which, are the ultimate future of any dairy farm. Please feel free to contact in case of any inquiry.


consultancy services

If your business is experiencing problems or you would like on-going professional advice and support then please contact our office. Service packages can be individually created to suit your budget. Alternatively one-off visits can be easily arranged.

General Dairy Farm Consultancy & Advice

Mr Robert Hamilton

Over 25 years experience Farm Business Management (UK,Pakistan, KSA) Presently working for Altaf & Co on a permanent basis.

(Breeding, Building Design, Calf Care, Costings, Cow Comfort, Feeding, Fertility, Forage, Grouping, General Management, HeatStress, Labour, Machinery, Recording, Reporting, Sourcing, Training, Youngstock, Troubleshooting,)


Nutritional Consultancy

Mr Barrie Audis

Over 30 years experience working in the industry

Presently Director/Owner of BMA Nutritional Consultancy Service


Veterinary Consultancy

Through Westpoint Veterinary Group UK


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