Livestock Training Institute

Livestock training institute has been established since 2010 at 16/1, Outfall Road Near University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore. It is aimed at imparting skill in field of livestock production, breeding, nutrition, housing, management, value addition and disease control under an umbrella. Major focus is emphasized on one month Artificial Insemination training for jobless matriculate youth not only to promote self employment but to ascertain the delivery of quality Artificial Insemination services to the poor farmers of the remote areas to increase their income through healthy productive and genetically improved livestock. The institute offers trainings to the modern dairy farmers also to address newly emerging issues in imported cattle in particular. Training on rational use of veterinary medicine in animals is an additional effort of the institute in serving the livestock through diversified and innovative approach.
Livestock Institute is focused on profitability in livestock business through production of safe and secured food as a result of adoption of quality management standards by well trained farmers.

We are Proud To Be Your Partner in

Fertility Enchancement

By using superior quality of semen and selection of proven bulls with our partners ALTA GENETICS we make sure that you have increased fertility results and better production.


Disease Control

Mparting knowledge about diseases and their causes also on their prevention and treatment so that you’re animal remains healthy and productive.


Housing and Management

Better housing for animal leads to increased growth and production by protecting animals against physical and non-physical factors.


Better Production

Increased production due to better care of animals and highly nutritious diet is of prime importance. We not only provide solutions to farmers but also educate them on ways of increasing their animal’s production.


Cost Effective Nutritional Plan

Alta Genetics Inc. is a major livestock genetic improvement source for the world. Our focus is on our core business of livestock semen reproduction and artificial insemination, through the sale of quality genetic products and breeding services.


Visionary Marketing & Value Addition

Giving you the edge in terms of product marketing and value by formulating business strategies to cater to the market demands.


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